Your Rights as a Renter

Know your rights and responsibilities as a renter.

The Lease

Renters have the right to not sign a lease for a property they do not want or to be forced to sign a lease.

Renters can negotiate on language within a lease to assure privacy and entry notice from the property manager. The lease agreement should outline the notice required with the exception of an emergency.

 All Renters Have Rights

Immigrant, undocumented and refugees have the same renters rights and protections.

Fair Treatment

A prospective renter has the right to be treated fairly when applying for a rental property and during the tenancy. 

Security Deposit

Each state has laws regarding the time frame for the return of the security deposit minus any expenses from damage or unpaid rent. Make sure when you leave to provide a forwarding address to the property manager.

Repairs and Maintenance

Repairs or necessary maintenance should be submitted to the property manager, in writing and dated, which should prompt a reasonable time to accommodate the maintenance request.

Ending your Lease

Renters have the obligation to provide a written notice to end your lease.  Your lease determines the timeframe agreed upon by both parties at lease signing. 

Proper Notice

A renter has the right for a reasonable response time to repair requests and maintenance.

A renter should receive proper notice prior to eviction and to dispute an eviction in court.

Renters have the right to be informed in writing of changes to the lease.

Safe Residence

Renters have the right to live and enjoy a habitable and peaceful safe residence that meets the standards specified in your lease.

Every State has protections outlined for victims of domestic violence. Please refer to state law for more information. Victims can often times move to new location without being penalized. 

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