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The free premier online renters’ resource

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  Renters Avenue is the free premier online resource for renters and homebuyers.

Renters Avenue provides information and access to hundreds of community resources in one location. Renters Avenue provides information on the leasing process, handling maintenance requests,  service animals, security deposits, eviction prevention resources, co-living considerations, financial services and more.  The focus of Renters Avenue is to provide increased accessibility to community resources and housing information so renters and first time homebuyers have the tools they need to make informed housing and financial decisions.

Renters Avenue provides resources, tools and information on housing all in one location.

It is the premier online resource for renters covering what to know when leasing or renting a home, how to handle maintenance issues, and communication tips with roommates and with your property manager.  Renters Avenue focuses on providing information to assist you with a better understanding of rights and responsibilities as a renter.

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Top Searched Resources

Know Your Rights as a Renter

It’s important to know your rights and responsibilities as a renter.

Affordable Housing

Search through private and public community resources available to renters and homebuyers.

Understanding Eviction

Explore the eviction process and read tips on how to best handle an eviction notice.

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